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Digital Utopia – delivering a digital experience in business and to customers

Digital experience includes a variety of experiences that people have with a business’ products, services and processes (to name a few). All these interactions are had by employees, customers and suppliers across a plethora of digital touch point – web, mobile, applications, cloud, RFID, etc. It is essential for your companies’ survival to achieve a flawless and efficient digital experience.


Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is when the business has undertaken to change and perform as a digital business and it is therefore able to produce digital products, better service, efficient processes, personalised customer interactions, etc – all with the intention to drive internal efficiency, customer experience and profitability.


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Digital transformation remain focused on 3 major areas of the organisation: people, processes and technology. It’s critical that digital transformation in your business has a single leader and a top-down approach is applied so that all staff is involved and continue to be motivated to achieve a common goal. Processes must be made easy to use, streamlined and, more importantly, customer-focused. Lastly, technology must always remain at the base of all solutions as well as integrated with a solid IT infrastructure.


Customer Experience


Customer experience (CX), also now known as digital customer experience (DCX) is the act of engaging with customers in a meaningful way through the use of technology; ultimately bringing your brand closer to you customer. Customer experience includes every interaction with the customer on every single existing and potential digital touch point throughout the customer journey; taking into account the stage in the customer lifecycle such as awareness, acquisition, purchase and loyalty.


There are five key (digital) customer experiences:

(1) Customer buys your product or service

(2) Customer learns about your brand and product offering

(3) Customer connects and shares with your online community

(4) Customer wants and searches for help

(5) Customer uses your product or service


These experiences are affected by multi-channel behaviour of customers, often using more than one channel at a time. Customers are also demanding more and more; expecting real-time and personal service. In essence, all the customer wants is to get something done quickly, easily and cheaply. In this case, technology is the enabler.


Digital Utopia


True digital experience can be described as “digital utopia” – when business operations are connected with the customer in mind – driving business efficiencies, customer engagement and profitability. Digital utopia can only be achieved with a well thought through digital experience strategy – this should include business analysis and goals, marketing strategy and objectives, and great planning and leadership. Digital utopia should be a top priority with every organisation and brand so that they can start delivering extra-ordinary experiences.