Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX)

The difference between user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX)

User experience and customer experience are two digital marketing buzzwords that are all the rage right now, but it’s fundamental to know what each is and the difference between them.


What is user experience (UX)?


UX encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with a company’s digital product(s). A good user experience is made up of four core aspects: (1) utility – usefulness, (2) usability – ease of use, (3) appealing – aesthetically attractive and uncluttered, and (4) engaging – enjoyment of use, whilst encouraging repeat use. And, in this case, a digital product can be a website, app or any other digital platform. UX should solve user problems, giving them with what they need quickly and easily, whilst providing them with an enjoyable experience with the brand.


An example of a good user experience: Belinda searches for a summer dress on Google and finds She found the site easily because it has great search engine optimisation (SEO). She navigates the site and finds information about summer fashion and a selection of products that she likes. The site headings, links and readability was all easy to see and read. Belinda was able to enter the site, get useful content, find the product she liked and buy it in very few clicks.


What is customer experience (CX)?


CX is the experience that customers get throughout the entire customer journey – the feeling that customers have for a brand and product. This experience is delivered across multiple channels and platforms, and includes things such as brand messaging, advertising, customer service, pricing, brand perception, product delivery, store experience, etc. All of which should be consistent and result in a happy customer.


An example of a good customer experience: Belinda receives her new summer dress from The delivery was made within 48 hours as promised. She also receives a summer fashion guide along with a discount voucher for her next purchase on A few days later, Belinda goes back to the website to look for summer shoes and makes another purchase. Bend is so thrilled with clothing that she shares her great experience and new clothes on social media.


Which is more important?


Customer experience is a broad term that should drive the user experience. And, although user experience is a fundamental part of the whole customer experience, it still only makes up one portion of it. Ultimately, CX and UX are connected and can’t be disassociated from each other. If either one fails to deliver, both will suffer the consequences resulting in a poor overall customer experience. In Belinda’s case, she received awesome UX followed by an amazing overall customer experience resulting in her becoming a brand advocate. To remain ahead of your competitors and get thousands of Belinda’s, your business will need to put the customer first – this means investing in both CX and UX.